We are specialized in galvanic coatings in order to provide maximum corrosion protection and surface finishes of the highest quality.

We provide our services to a variety of sectors including automotive, luxury packaging, high-end household accessories, kitchenware and luxury desk accessories (El Casco, our own brand).

Automated line of galvanic coatings

We have designed and built a modern automated line of galvanic coatings for parts in racks that allows us to obtain finishes in, acid copper, alkaline copper, bright nickel, satin nickel (processed with the Permanente Enthone-MacDermid system), chrome, and gold (23,4 kt).

The line includes a complete system of preparation of the pieces through ultrasonic cleaning and anodic and cathodic degreasing since the cleaning process requires different adjustments so that the deposition of the coating is on a chemically clean surface.

Human team

We have specialized personnel with extensive experience in galvanic coating and a laboratory equipped for continuous supervision of the galvanic line and analysis of the pieces.

Polishing Section

We have a complete section for polishing pieces made with iron, brass or zamak. The personnel in this department have a minimum of 25 years of experience.

Water Treatment, Environmentally Friendly

The line includes water treatment and purification installations that meet all current environmental standards.