Estalki has an integrated environmental authorization and ISO 14001 certification.
Aware of the importance of respecting the environment around it, since its creation, Estalki hasn't slowed down in its determination to make jobs and create products that take care of the environment. For this reason, it has started different work processes which have the most important current accreditations in terms of the environment, but applied to companies.

Respect & Sustainability

Estalki is immersed in a series of processes that involve respect for the environment and a clear bet for sustainability, which involve the entire company, both to those found in the workshops as well as those who are part of the different departments which complete the company, such as accounting or marketing. All sections work together to achieve the objective of having a sustainable and respectful company within its environment.

Committed & responsible

In addition to our responsibilities within our own installations, we are also aware of our responsibilities to society as a whole. For this reason, and to emphasize the importance that people have for us, we sponsor a multitude of social and cultural activities.

Real Sociedad FUNDAZIOA

It´s important For Real Sociedad Fundazioa to have help and support of companies that believe that the work carried out by our foundation is aligned are its projects of Social Responsibility. We thank you for your cooperation, as together we will be able to carry out the programs and activities that will make Gipuzkoa a fairer and more solidary territory. We are delighted that MUGAPE joins our project.

Associació Pont Solidari al Món

Collaboration with the Pont Solidari al Món Association in the equipment of the CLINICAL ANALYSIS LABORATORY of the AATMIYA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL in Sitalpati, Nepal.
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